Vendor Listing Report

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The Vendor Listing Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Glossary Listings folder and displays information for all Vendors defined in Design Manager that have not been marked as Inactive.


vend list report window


There are both a Summary and Detail versions of the Vendor Listing Report.  The Summary version shows the Vendor Code and Name, Payee Name, Contact and Phone, Fax, Category, and Type.  The Detail version shows all information on the Summary version along with other information recorded on the Vendor / Payee Window including the Vendor and Payee addresses, Purchase  Order Terms, Ship Via, Expense Account, Account Number, Buying Terms, EIN, Deposit Percentage, Discount Percentage, Due Days, etc.  Ranges for Vendor Code and Category are available to narrow the scope of the report along with an option to display only Vendors of a particular Type.  Options to sort the report by either Vendor Code, Vendor Name, Payee Name, or Category and to optionally display the Notes for the Vendor are also available.