Check Detail Window

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The Check Detail Window lists all Payables for which the selected Check or other form of payment on the Checking Window - Checkbook Tab pays.


check detail window

The columns on the Check Detail Grid are as follows:


Transaction Number (TX #):  This is the unique Transaction Number of the Vendor Payable.


Type:  The nature of the Vendor Payable such as "Operating Expense/Bill", "Deposit on PO", etc.


Invoice Number (Invoice No.):  The Invoice Number recorded on the Payable.  Deposit transactions will display the Purchase  or Work Order Number in this column.


Invoice Date:  The Invoice Date of the Vendor Payable.


Description:  If an optional Transaction Description was recorded when entering the Payable it will be displayed in the Description column.


Purchase Order Number (PO No.):  The Purchase or Work Order number associated with a Vendor Invoice or Vendor Deposit transaction.


Amount:  The amount paid by the Check or other form of payment.


Discount:  Any discount applied when the Check or other payment was posted will be listed here.


go to button Go To. . .:  Clicking the Go To Button will display and position the Documents and Accounting Window to the Vendor Invoice, Vendor Deposit, or Operating Expense selected on the Check Detail Window.


detail button Detail:  Click the Detail Button to view the Check / Vendor Invoice Detail Window which lists the exact Accounts that the selected Payable affected when it was recorded.