Client Status Report

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The Client Status Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Project Management folder. This report lists the pricing and sales tax, Deposit and Payments applied, estimated balance due, and certain status information for Items within a given Project.  The report is designed to be given to your Client to provide them a detailed review of the accounting and order status for each Item in the Project.  Since the report is designed for the Client, no cost nor Vendor information will be displayed.

See Company Settings - Advanced - Print Tab in order to Choose which Status Date columns will appear on the report.


client status


This report allows you to enter a range of Projects, Locations and/or Proposals and Invoices for which to print the report.


The Show Items Option can be used to filter the Items shown to be All Items, Completed, Not Completed or Items In-Progress. When In-Progress is selected, ONLY items that have been ordered, but not yet invoiced to the client will appear.


Calculation - There are Four ways for the Report to generate information.


Highest Value (Estimate or Actual) - Will display the highest price on the report.  This price can be either the Estimate or Actual Price. The Estimate price comes from the Item Specification; while Actual Price is the Price Invoiced to the Client.

 Example:  If you have Estimated on the Item Specification a price of $500 but Invoice it for $400, this report choice will show the Item Price as $500, because the Estimated price is higher than the actual.


Estimate - This report choice will only show the Estimated Price, regardless of the Invoiced/Actual Price.


Actual (Invoice) - This report choice will only show the Actual Price; the Total Price Invoiced.


Estimate if Actual Zero - This will show the Pricing of the Invoiced Amount, if the Item has been Invoiced.  If not, the Estimated Amount will appear.


Show Details - This Option will show the Item Units, Proposal and Invoice Numbers, and any Payment Information, such as a check number.


Report Format - There are 3 formats to run the Client Status report for:

  Detail by Location

  Detail by Proposal/Location

  Summary by Proposal/Location