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clientconnect-front page

Banner – to Load a Banner into the program, choose the Load load picture button button. This will appear at the top of each page on your ClientConnect Website. *The optimal size/resolution for the Banner is 9.25 in width x 1.125 in height at 96 dpi.

See Picture and Image functions for details on the functions of this window.


Example - with Banner:

CConnect -website -with banner


If you do NOT load your own banner you will see the Name from the ClientConnect Settings - General tab - Company Information.


Example - No Banner:

website no banner

Upon choosing Load you will see the Design Manager - Load Picture Window from which you can locate and select the image from your computer/network that you would like to assign to the Item.



Greeting Text - Enter any text here for the Website User to see inside the Welcome Section of the ClientConnect Website. This field can fit approximately 8 lines of 50 characters each.


website greeting