Company Advanced Options Window - PO Tab

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The fifth tab on the Company Advanced Options Window is the PO Tab.  Here default information can be entered for how Purchase Orders will print.  There are also a few options that control the behavior of purchased merchandise.


company adv - PO tab


Title:  The titles for the Freight, Design Fee, Installation and Labor Component types can be changed.  The new titles entered here will only appear on NEW Project Purchase Orders. To change an Existing Project Title, see Project Advanced Options Window - PO Tab


Style:  There are three styles from which to choose for each Component Type - to see Examples go here:


List:  Shows the amount for this Component Type below the merchandise in the body of the PO.  The title is not used for this option on the PO because the Component description is being displayed.


Total:  Prints the total amount for all Components for the corresponding Component Type in the footer of the Purchase Order.  For example, if you create a PO for two Component Type that each have $50.00 Freight, the computer will display "Freight    $50.00" in the total section of the PO.  


Ignore:  Will not show or include the amount of this Component Type anywhere on the Purchase Order.


PO Options:


Title: If you would like the title that prints at the top of the Purchase Order to be anything other than "Purchase Order", you may enter that title in this field (i.e. "Work Order").


Single Item POs:  When this option is checked, one Purchase Order will print for each Component tagged on the New Purchase Order Window with a separate PO number assigned to each Component.


Default to change order when editing: When this option is selected, when editing  and reprinting a Purchase Order, the title "Change Order" will be printed on the PO.  In other words, if after you accept a new PO, then go back and make changes to it, it will print as a "Change Order" when you print the edited version.


PO Closed By:  This menu indicates how Design Manager will know to indicate a Purchase Order as closed and drop it from the Open Purchase Orders report.  The following options may be selected:


Vendor Invoice (Vendor Inv.):  If this option is selected, then a PO will be marked as closed when the quantity paid for matches the ordered quantity for all Components on the Purchase Order.  The quantity paid for is recorded when entering Vendor Invoices.  Components with no quantity or zero quantity will be considered closed when any Vendor Invoice has been entered for the Purchase Order.


Received:  Closes the Purchase Order when all of the Components on a PO have a received date recorded and the received quantity matches the ordered quantity.  Components with no quantity or zero quantity will be considered closed when any received date has been recorded for them.


Both: Closes the PO when both of the above conditions are met.


PO Dates N/A (not applicable):  Select the option for the corresponding Component Type when Purchase Order status dates such as received and acknowledged do not apply.  For example, generally Design Fee does not have a received or acknowledged date.  This option will cause that type of Component to be skipped on certain order related reports.