Vendor Deposit to Project Purchase or Work Order

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When the Deposit to Project PO type is selected, the following fields will appear.


vendor deposit window

Purchase Order Number (PO#): This is the PO number for which the Deposit is being sent.


Pay With: The Pay With selection allows you to choose your method of payment for the deposit, either by check\wire transfer or a credit card.  Click on the arrow to select from the menu.  "A Check" will be the only selection that you can make unless you have defined a credit card in your Chart of Accounts.  For more information on defining credit cards in Design Manager, see Paying a Vendor with a Credit Card.


Vendor: This field displays the Vendor to which the Deposit is being sent.


Invoice Date (Inv. Date): The invoice date is used to record  the date that you are issuing a deposit and defaults to the current date.


Due Date: The due date is the date by which the Deposit check needs to be sent to the Vendor.  The due date defaults to the current date but can be changed and is often the same as the invoice date.


Transaction Description (Trans. Desc.): This is an optional field which allows you to enter a brief description of the Deposit transaction.


Amount: Input the proper amount of the Deposit.


Hand Check/Wire Transfer (Hand Check Wire Xfer): If you are going to use a hand written check, wire transfer, or debit card to pay this deposit, click this button to open the Hand Check / Wire Transfer Window.  The Hand Check Window allows you to fill in a check/transfer number and date to record the payment in your checkbook.