Editing a Cash Receipt

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Previously entered cash receipts can be edited to correct errors or record additional information.  To do so, select the Retainer, Client Deposit, or Payment on a Client Invoice on the Documents & Accounting Window - Project View and click the Edit edit button button.  This will display the Cash Receipt Window.


cash receipt edit window

You'll notice that certain information on this window is available for editing while other information cannot be changed.  If you need to alter information that is unavailable, the Project code for instance, you would have to void the entry and re-enter it correctly.  If the receipt you are editing is only a portion of a check from the client that covered other Deposits, Payments, or Retainers, it is important to understand that you are only changing this portion of the check.  Any changes you make will not be displayed on the other entries.


Make any desired changes to the cash receipt and information and click the OK Button to save your edits.


Date:  The date of the cash receipt.  This is the date the receipt will appear in the Checking Window - Checkbook Tab.


Check Number (Check No.):  You can optionally enter the client's check number.


Payment Type:  Select the appropriate Payment Type for the receipt which determines into which cash account the receipt will be recorded.


Deposit Slip Number (Deposit Slip No.):  You can optionally enter your deposit slip number.


Check Amount:  The total amount of the check/payment from the client of which the receipt you are editing is a part will be displayed here.  Often, the check amount is the same as the receipt amount but many times you may receive a single payment from the client that covers multiple Invoices, Deposits on Proposals, etc.


Type:  A non-editable field describing the classification of the cash receipt.  The receipt types are:  Retainer, Deposit on Proposal, and Payment on Invoice.


Transaction Description (Trans. Desc.):  You can enter the optional description of the cash receipt transaction to further explain the purpose of the receipt.


Project:  The Project code and name from which the cash receipt was received.  This information cannot be edited.


Amount:  The amount of the cash receipt is recorded in this field.


Invoice Number (Invoice No.):  The Invoice number to which the Payment is recorded.  You can change the Invoice number to move the Payment to a different Invoice.  You can search for the desired Invoice number by clicking the Search Button in left corner of the window.


Proposal Number (Prop. No.): The Project Proposal number to which the Deposit is recorded.  This cannot be changed from this window.