Entering Client Payments and Vendor Bills

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When a Client payment comes in for an Invoice that was recorded in your old system, enter it against the new Client Invoice that you have created in Design Manager.  Make sure that you put it against the correct Invoice in Design Manager, as the Invoice numbers will not match the Invoice numbers from your old system.  For more information, see Entering Cash Receipts from Clients - Deposits, Retainers, and Payments.


When a bill comes in from a Vendor, enter it as you normally would into Design Manager.  If the bill is for a Purchase Order that was created in your old system, you will have to create an Operating Expense for it.  If a Vendor Deposit is involved, enter that as a negative amount on the Vendor Invoice Distribution Window using the Vendor Deposit Account to reduce the amount of the Vendor Invoice as necessary.  Enter the total amount of the Invoice as positive numbers to the appropriate Cost of Goods Sold Accounts.  See Paying a Bill or Entering a Miscellaneous Expense for more information.