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Import allows you to bring your Contacts into your Design Manager Address Book at any time. You can select to Import Clients, Miscellaneous Contacts, Ship To's, and Vendors. An Excel (xlsx) or CSV file format is needed to Import. Most popular Contact programs, including Microsoft Outlook™ will have the ability to Export your contacts to Excel or CSV file.


*IMPORTANT NOTE: Be SURE to separate your contacts into Groups. Example: Clients should be in one file, while Vendors are in a separate, second file. Each to be Imported one at a time.


Visit this link here to view a Video Tutorial on how to do a file Import.





Once you have your file, Select Import from the File Menu


file menu


Choose the Type of Import to be completed at this time


choose import type


Choose OK


Browse your Company or Network to find the already saved file to Import. Once it is found choose it and select OK.


The Import Data window will appear.


import data window


Here you will need to Link the file fields (Source Fields) you are importing to the Fields in Design Manager (DM Destination Fields).

On the Left is your Imported Source File, to the right are the Fields you can Link to in Design Manager.


Click on the Source Field and then Choose a Destination Field to Link it to.  Then Choose the Link >> button.

Continue to Link each Source Field to a Destination Field until all are complete.

When a Bullet appears to the left of the Source field, you will know that you have Linked that field.


On the right panel (DM Destination) you will also see the Bullet for the DM Destination Fields that are Linked, along with >> to show what Source Field is Linked specifically. In the highlighted Example above, you will see that the Notes, from the Source Fields is Linked to Notes on the DM Destination Fields.


To Remove a Link, highlight it on the DM Destination Field Panel and Choose the << Remove button.


*Tips: If you have a Company or Name Source, you will want to Link it to multiple fields on the Destination side.  Company/Name should most likely be Linked with Code, Name, and Sort Name.

*Address - If you have more than one Address Line, Link each one separately with their corresponding Address Lines on the Destination panel.  Do NOT use the Full Address field if you are linking each one separately.  If you have the entire Address under one Address Line in the Source panel, then you will ONLY use the Full Address field on the Destination panel.


When you are finished Linking all the fields Choose OK to proceed.


A Commit Imported Records window will appear.  This is a preview of how the information will look in your Address Book when the Import is complete. If there are any records you wish to delete and not Import in, highlight them and choose the Remove remove button button.


commited import window


Once you have finished reviewing the Import, Choose OK to complete the Import. If you have decided NOT to Import the file, Choose Cancel.


Choosing OK will display a Warning Message, asking you to Commit to Importing these Records into the Address Book.


commit import warning


Choose YES if you wish to Proceed with the Import.

No, to Cancel.


If you Choose YES, and the Import is successful the following window will appear.


import successful


Choose OK to close the window.


You will now see your Contacts listed in the Address Book.



If you wish to Import another Type of Import, you will need to start the process over again with your next Source File.

*It is BEST NOT to Import the same contacts again, as the system will create DUPLICATE records. If you need to ADD to the Type of Import you did last, it is BEST to remove the Contacts already Imported. If you do not remove them, they will be duplicated in the Address Book in Design Manager; however, you WILL be able to Delete them on the Commit Imported Records preview, or from the Address Book once the Import is completed.


User's may be blocked from having Access to this Import Feature.  See Passwords and Security for more information on how to set your Password Attributes.