For New Users

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When you first start Design Manager, the Company Information Window will be displayed so that you can enter your company name, address, phone numbers, etc..  After you enter your company information, you will be ready to enter your first project.  This User’s Guide will help you accomplish by reading Basic Operation.


You may also click the "Search Help Center" area of the Design Manager Vision pane so that you can view tutorials to assist in the major Design Manager functions.

dm vision - help center


To get started properly with your accounting system, you will probably have to enter opening account balances so that you can migrate from whatever system you are currently using. Most other systems would require you to enter opening account balances first, but Design Manager allows you to back-date these entries.  Doing so allows you to start processing real projects before you enter opening account balances.  For more information on opening balances, see Switching Your Accounting to Design Manager


Design Manager comes with a predefined Chart of Accounts and a list of Sales Categories that most design firms can use.  If you are not familiar with accounting procedures and practices, we suggest that you leave these Accounts and Categories as they are and/or discuss them with your Accountant. You can print reports to review these Accounts and Sales Categories.