Switching Your Accounting to Design Manager

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There are two methods that can be used when switching from another accounting program or hand written accounting and project management system to Design Manager.  The first is to re-enter all work that is in your old system into Design Manager.  This method is only feasible if you have a small amount of business.  Due to data entry concerns, the preferred method of switching systems is to enter only new work in Design Manager, and let existing jobs finish on your old system.  When your old system has a small enough amount of data left in it, you can then re-enter all of the current work into Design Manager at that time.  The following describes this second method.


Note: The information below is a general overview to help you get the idea of how to get balances over from an existing system to begin using Design Manager.  Since this is an advanced process, you may want to solicit help from your accountant.



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