General Ledger Report

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The General Ledger Report is accessed through the Reports Window, General Ledger folder.  This report shows accounting activity for any selected period.


gen ledger report


The report will default to the current month and year, but can be printed for any month, range of months, or year.  Select the desired month from the Staring and Ending Month menus.  This report has both a summary and a detail version.  The summary report shows information for all Accounts in Design Manager including:  the opening balance for each month, the total of each accounting type for the month (i.e. Sales, Purchases, etc.), and the ending balance for the month.  The detail version shows each transaction in detail for the selected period.  The Suppress Zero Months option will not print any month for any account with a net zero transactions in that section.  This option reduces the length of the report considerably.