Freight Analysis (Installation / Labor / Etc.) Report

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The Freight Analysis Report is accessed through the Reports Window, Project Management folder.  This report is similar to the Profit Analysis Report but is useful to analyze a certain Component Type such as Freight or Installation and whether or not they have been paid to the Vendor and invoiced to the client.


freight analysis


The Freight Analysis (Installation / Labor / Etc.) report displays a comparison of the Estimated Cost and Price to the Actual amounts for a specific Component Type such as Freight or Installation. The Estimated Cost and Price are entered by the user through the Project and Specifications Window while the Actual Cost and Price are automatically recorded after entering Vendor and Client Invoices, respectively.  The report is useful to track additional charges incurred from Vendor to ensure no billings to the Client are missed and to review the accuracy of charges, such as Freight, for the Project as a whole.