Item Window - Workroom Tab

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The fifth tab on the Item Window is the Workroom Tab.  The Workroom Tab is used to record specific information for the work room that will be fabricating or constructing merchandise for your client such as a window treatment or reupholstered or custom furniture.


Item_wrkrm tab

The Workroom Vendor represents the Vendor who will be performing the labor to finalize the merchandise and will be the Vendor to which the Work Order document is sent.  The Workroom Vendor is frequently not the Vendor from which the merchandise is originally ordered but, rather, receives the merchandise from other Vendors in order to construct the final piece.  For example, the Workroom Vendor would be the workshop that receives the fabric and hardware from the original Vendor in order to actually fabricate a window treatment.  Input the proper Vendor Code into this field or use the Search button to select a Vendor from the Vendor Search Window.

In order to Create a Work Order, you MUST have a Workroom Vendor entered here that matches the Vendor on the Component of the Item you are going to put on the Work Order.


The Ship Finished Project To is the Ship To location where the finalized merchandise will be delivered and will appear on the Work Order.  For convenience, the Ship Finished Project To defaults to the Ship To Code on the Project Window - Project Tab for new Items but can be changed as necessary.  To do so, input the proper  Ship To Code into this field or use the Search button to select a Ship To from the Ship To Code Search Window.


The Workroom Instructions are used to communicate any necessary information regarding the overall construction of the merchandise to the workroom and will be displayed prominently on the Work Order.  Instructions for the individual Components of the fabricated piece would be entered in the Workroom Instructions on the Component Window - Special Instructions Tab. The Workroom Instructions can be of nearly unlimited length.  As you type into this field, the text will automatically wrap at the end of each line.  To skip to a new line while inside this box, press the Enter key on your keyboard.  For information on formatting the Workroom Instructions, see Description/Note Formatting.