Location Window

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Clicking on the Add or Edit button on the Location Glossary Window or Location Search Window will open the Location Window.  Locations are used to group Items within a Project, and are usually room names such as Living Room or Bedroom.  Here new Locations may be added and existing Locations may be changed.  To add a Location, enter a Location code in the Location Code field and a Location name in the Location Name field.  To edit a Location, type a new Location name into the Location Name field.  To change a Location code, you must delete the entire entry and add a new entry.  See the Delete function on the Location Glossary Window.


Design Manager maintains two Location lists:  one list of commonly used codes for the company and one list for each Project.


location window-global


Location Code: This code is used to designate a particular Location.  Up to five characters may be used.  Characters may be letters and/or numbers.


Location Name: Type the name of the Location into this box.  Up to 30 characters may be used.


For Project  Locations, see Entering Locations.