One-Time Vendor

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To add a new On-Time Vendor - go to the Documents and Accounting window and choose the One-Time button.


one time vendor button docs One Time:  The One Time button can be used to create a Vendor that you don't want to maintain in your permanent Vendor Glossary such as a charity or a miscellaneous bill that you are only going to pay for a singular instance.  Clicking the button will display the One Time Vendor Window.


onetime vendor window

For a description of fields on this window, see the Vendor Window.  The automatic code for One Time Vendors is preceded by a superscript "1" to distinguish it from traditional Vendors.  You only need to input as much information as needed on the One Time Vendor window (for example, only the name and address).  One Time Vendors will appear at the bottom of the list on the Vendor Glossary and will disappear from the list as soon as the Invoices or bills that exist for the One Time Vendor are paid in full.  To reopen a One Time Vendor once it has been closed, click the Show Inactive option on the Vendor Glossary Window.  Edit the One Time Vendor and uncheck the Inactive option on the Vendor Window.