Passwords and the Company Information Users/Security Tab

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password window_cloud


Passwords are managed on the Users/Security tab of the Company Information Window and are used primarily to grant and restrict access to functionality within Design Manager.  Also, all financial activity in Design Manager is recorded by Login Name in order to determine which user entered a given transaction when necessary.


Design Manager is equipped with an Administrator User Name.  The Administrator User Name has permanent access to all functionality in Design Manager and cannot be deleted or have its Attributes Edited.


In order to have multiple Passwords/Logins for the Cloud Software, you will need to purchase one for each user.

Otherwise, only an Administrator login is given and this access CANNOT be changed.



Setting Password Attributes

To make changes to a User's Login accessibility, select File - Company Settings.


On the Company Information Window,  go to the Users/Security Tab.

Highlight the User you wish to Edit the attributes for and Choose Edit pencil_edit button.



password window_cloud_edit


Login:  This is the user's unique Login provided by Design Manager.


User Name:  The User Name is a required field and is generally the employee's name but can also be more generic such as "Temporary Help" or "Accounting".  The User Name will also be defaulted into the Microsoft® Word® Templates from the Address Book.  For more information on the Address Book or using Templates, see Address Book Window under Additional Features.


User Title:  The optional User Title is the employee's position title.  The User Title will be defaulted into the Microsoft® Word® Templates from the Address Book Window.


User E-mail: The optional User E-mail is the employee's e-mail address and will be defaulted into the Microsoft® Word® Templates from the Address Book Window.


Copy From:  The Copy From Button allows you to copy the Attributes from another Password into the current Password you are adding or editing.  This is a convenient feature for rapidly configuring Passwords without having to set each Attribute individually.



Each Password can be assigned specific permissions or Attributes which grant or restrict access to certain portions of the software.  The tree diagram below the User Email and Employee displays the Password’s Attributes and roughly corresponds to the Design Manager menus.

To set the Password attributes, click on the (+) to the left of a menu item and you will see the following: Password Attribute and a list of functions under the Lock.  This means that the user logging in with the password will be able to view and access the selected function. By double clicking on the gold key Unlocked Password Attribute you will see it replaced with a red lock Locked Password attributeand the user will be prevented from accessing the menu item and all functions underneath it.  Double click a 2nd time and the gold key returns, restoring access to that function.  You can then click on the + to the left of any function and repeat the process.  As long as you see the + next to an item or function you can click on it to go to the next level down.


When setting these attributes, it is IMPORTANT to be sure that you Lock the Company Information - Users/Security as shown below.  If you do not do so, the User will be able to Edit their own attributes; thus giving themselves any functionality you may wish to prevent.


password window_lock password tab


In the sample below, the Projects and Specifications - Projects Attribute has been opened for viewing and access.  By double-clicking on the gold key next to Delete, the Delete function has been locked.  A user logging into Design Manager with this password will be able to add and edit Projects, but will be prevented from Deleting any Projects.


password window_lock delete proj 


Item Configuration: You may want to set the Items/Specifications so they can be viewed but so that no Edits, Deletions, or Additions can be performed.  This configuration is considered as a "View Only" setting.  To do so, you would follow the directions above but lock the Add, Edit and Delete functions under the Projects and Specifications - Items Attribute. See the picture below:


password window_lock item 


Once you have set all of the password attributes you need to, click on the OK button to save your work.


If you are configuring several passwords with the same set of attributes, you can use the Copy From button.  Doing so will allow you to enter an existing Password from which you want to import the exact attribute configuration.  You can then further customize the current Password you are creating as necessary.



Changing/Resetting a Password


If you need to change a User's Password, you will do this on the Cloud log-in website. Log-in to the Design Manager Cloud website and then click “Settings” at the top Right.  Do not open/launch the Design Manager application. Follow the steps in the help article found here.


***The Password MUST be 7 characters or more and MUST include at least 1 Upper Case Letter, 1 Lower Case Letter and 1 Number. Longer Passwords that include upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers and special characters, are more secure.



*Remember – the Password is case sensitive. Should you or any of your employees forget their Password you must Contact Support to have the Password reset.  There will be a $35.00 charge to have Passwords reset, so be careful not to forget your Password.



Disabling a User Account


If you need to remove an employee’s access immediately (you want to disable their account), log into Design Manager as the ADMIN and go to Company Information - Users/Security tab; Edit the user's log-in and   select disable.


For more help, follow the steps in the help article found here.