Print Deposit Slip Window

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The Print Deposit Slip Window is accessed from the Checking Window - Make Bank Deposit Tab and is used to print and process a Deposit Slip for Cash Receipts that have designated to accumulate in the Un-Deposited Funds Account.  For a full explanation of this process, see Recording Receipts into the Un-Deposited Funds Account and Processing Deposit Slips.


print dep slip window

The Deposit Date represents the date that the Cash Receipts were transferred to the banking institution and is the date under which they will be listed on the Checking Window - Checkbook Tab.  If your Deposit Slip forms have pre-printed sequence numbers, enter the number into the Deposit Slip Number (Deposit Slip No.) field.  If the forms do not have sequence numbers or you are using Deposit Slip Forms, chose the Slips are not numbered, just use the date option which will input the Deposit Date into the Deposit Slip Number field and prevent it from being altered.  Receipts will be totaled in either in the Checks Total or Cash Total.  If the Cash Receipt was added with a Cash Receipt Payment Type of CASH then it will be included in the Cash Total.  All other Cash Receipts will be included in the Checks Total.  The Total Deposit is the sum of the Checks and Cash Totals and, therefore, the sum of all the tagged Cash Receipts on Un-deposited Receipts Grid on the Checking Window - Make Bank Deposit Tab.


Click the OK button to print the Deposit Slip Report.