Receiving Final Payment From Your Client

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In order to record a Payment on a Client Invoice for the Project, as you will with all Cash Receipts, you must first go to the Documents and Accounting Window

docs acct.

Select/highlight the Client Invoice for which you wish to record the Payment and click the Cash Receipt button which will display the New Cash Receipt Window.

cash receipt button

new cash receipt window


Enter the amount of the Payment into the Amount field. The Amount field should always contain the total amount received from the Client!


Select the appropriate Payment Type and enter the Client's Check Number (Check No.), if desired.  If the Payment Type you have selected is not configured using the Requires a deposit to be made (goes to un-deposited funds) option, you can record a Deposit Slip Number (Deposit Slip No.) which will default to the Payment Type Name.  For more information, see Recording Receipts into the Un-Deposited Funds Account and Processing Deposit Slips.


The Receipt Date defaults to the current system date, but can be changed, and represents the date the receipt will appear in the Checkbook.  The Client Invoice for which you are recording the Payment will be highlighted and tagged.  If the Total Amount of the Client's Payment matches the value displayed in the This Payment column, you can simply click the OK button to record the Payment.

If the amount the Client gave you differs from the amount in the This Payment column, click the Edit pencil_edit button button to the right of the Payment (Invoices) Grid.  On the Edit Cash Receipt Payment Window, enter the Amount of the Payment and, optionally, a Transaction Description.


Click the OK button on the Edit Cash Receipt Window to return to the New Cash Receipt Window.  Finally, click OK to save the new Payment.  After the Payment has been entered, it will appear directly beneath the Invoice on the Documents and Accounting Window, displaying the Receipt Date, Amount, Client's Check Number, and Transaction Description.  If the Payment is for the full balance due of the Invoice, the Invoice will then be automatically moved to the Paid/Closed Invoices folder docacct_pdinvoicefolder.


For a full description of entering Cash Receipts, see Entering Cash Receipts from Clients - Deposits, Retainers, and Payments.


For a Video Tutorial to see how to Enter a Cash receipt for less than the total Balance Due on an Invoice click on the link below: