Re-printing or E-mailing a Proposal

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To re-print an existing Proposal, go the Documents and Accounting Window, select the desired Proposal, and click the Re-Print re-print button button.  Alternately, you can right click the Proposal and select Print/View.  Doing so will open the Re-Print Proposal Window shown below.


Re-Print Proposal


Style:  The style represents the format of the Proposal - Choose between Residential, Commercial, Residential-Show Deposit or Commercial-Show Deposit.  This will default to the style originally selected when first generating the Proposal.


Pictures:  Select this option if you wish to re-print the Proposal with any Item pictures embedded in the document.  For more information on assigning a picture to an Item, see the Item Window - Picture Tab.


Update Style:  Select the Update Style option if you have changed the format Style and wish to keep the Proposal in the new format.


Show Actual Deposits:  The Show Actual Deposits option will print any recorded Deposits on the Proposal in the totals region of the document, indicating the current estimated amount due on the Proposal.


E-mail:  The E-mail option will allow you to create a e-mail message with the Proposal attached in a .pdf format.  Depending on the E-mail Setting selected on the User Settings Window, when you click OK, you will either have a more robust E-mail Window (for SMTP), or an Outlook E-mail Message displayed with the Proposal as an attachment.  If you have recorded an E-mail address on the Project Window - Notes/Information Tab, it will be defaulted as the "To" address on your E-mail.  If Save PDF is selected on the E-mail Setting menu, the Design Manager - Email Report Window will be displayed so that you can save the document on your computer or network.  For more information on e-mail options, see the User Settings Window.