User Settings Window

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The User Settings Window can be used to change the Name, E-mail and Workstation settings that pertain to the current user logged into Design Manager.  This window is accessed by selecting File è User Settings.


user settings - cloud


The Name, Title, and E-mail fields display the same information as the Password Window for the current user.  Should the fields be disabled, then the user does not have rights to change them as define by their Password Attributes.


The Name field is the name of the user as reported on various windows including the To Do List Tasks and Appointments Window.


The Title is the position or title of the user such as “Office Manager” or “Designer.”  The E-mail is used to enter the respective users e-mail address. This is the Address the DM Server Setting E-mails will be copied to.


E-mail is used to enter the respective users e-mail address.  The Name, Title, and E-mail are also used when creating certain Word™ documents from the Address Book Window so that the user's pertinent information is automatically displayed for the contact receiving the document.  



The Default E-mail Message Text is used to set the body text of any e-mail sent from Design Manager when using the SMTP selections on the E-mail Settings menu discussed below.   This is useful if your e-mail does not support signatures. The text can be over-ridden for each individual e-mail sent.



The Workstation Settings options are used to control functions specific to the computer at which the user is currently working.


E-mail Setting: determines what type of e-mail interface the computer will utilize. There are two Email Settings Options: Save PDF or DM Server.


Save PDF: The Save PDF selection will not display any E-mail Window but will rather launch the Design Manager - Email Report Window so that you can save a report or document as a .pdf file on your computer or network.  Using Save PDF allows you store the report or document to be attached to an E-mail that you may send from your local computer E-mail program.


DM Server:  Automatically sends the E-mail on your behalf using the Design Manager E-mail Server.  Even though the E-mail is sent from it appears to be sent by you and all replies will come to you.  Since this E-mail will not appear in your sent items, a copy of the E-mail will be sent to your E-mail address as well as the intended recipient.



The Show To Do List at Program Startup option will cause the To Do List Tasks and Appointments Window to be displayed whenever the user logs into Design Manager on the current computer.