User-Defined Date Report

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This report is accessed from the Reports Window, Project Management, Order Tracking folder and shows information for the two user-defined dates provided in Design Manager.  These dates can be used for additional order tracking.  The titles for these two dates can be changed on the Company Advanced Window – General Tab.


user def date


This report can be printed for a range of ordered dates, selected user dates, Projects, and Vendors.  The Date Selection field allows you to choose one of the two user-defined dates.  You may select to show Components with or without the selected date, as well as contact information, status/notes, and a full description of each Component.


The User-Defined Date report will show Components based upon whether or not they have one of the User-Defined Dates entered on the Component Window - Order Status Tab.  The User-Defined Dates are used to monitor other order status or reminder dates that are not already tracked within Design Manager.  The report will list both of the User-Defined Dates along with other status information for each Component.