Account Glossary Window

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The Account Glossary Window provides a complete list of Accounts in Design Manager including the Account Number, Name, Type of the Account, Department, and the Closed Fiscal Month.  The Account Glossary Window is accessed by selecting Accounting - Accounts.

acct glossary


Accounts may be added, edited, or deleted by clicking on the appropriate buttons at the bottom of the window.  Clicking on the Add or Edit buttons will open the Account Window described below.


To delete an Account, highlight the Account and click on the Delete button.  Doing so will result in one of two actions:


A message stating "Are you sure that you want to permanently delete the current record?" will be displayed.  Clicking the Yes button will permanently delete the Account from Design Manager.  Clicking the No button will leave the Account unaffected.
A message stating "This Account either has activity or has been used somewhere in Design Manager.  The Account activity must be transferred to another Account." By clicking the OK Button, the Transfer to Account Window will be displayed.  The Transfer to Account Window is described below.


Clicking the Balances Button will display the Account Balances Window.