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The following are the T-Accounts for the most common postings in Design Manager. The Accounts are shown for normal processing.  Void and credit functions generally reverse the transactions shown by simply reversing the Debit and Credit sides of the transaction.


1.Receive a Deposit of $1,000 from the Client.
2.Post a Deposit of $300 to the Vendor.
3.Write the Check for the Vendor Deposit in #2 to be mailed with the Purchase Order.
4.Enter the final Invoice from the Vendor for $630 ($600 + $30 Freight)
5.Invoice the Client.  In addition to posting the Client Invoice, this transactions transfers of costs from Work in Process to Cost of Goods Sold.
6.Pay the Vendor for the final Invoice in #4 less a Discount of $12 for timely payment.
7.Collect the final Payment on the Invoice from the Client.


Accounting Cheat Sheet:

To Increase the following Account Types

Asset - Debit the account

Liability - Credit the account

Equity - Credit the account

Revenue - Credit the account

COGS - Debit the account

Expense - Debit the account


To Decrease the account, do the opposite action of above.


Account Types that appear on the Balance Sheet: Asset, Liability, Equity

Account Types that appear on the Income Statement: Revenue, COGS, Expenses.