ACH Identity Validation

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ACH or Bank transfer gives the ability for your client to connect to their bank account online to pay their Proposal Deposits and Invoice Balances. Identity validation is required to allow the bank transfer using the Plaid platform via the Stripe payment processor. In order for a client's account to validate its identity, the Design Manager Client associated with the Project Proposal / Invoice to be paid MUST have at least 1 of the following 3 pieces of information match the data associated with the client's actual bank account.


3 forms of identity validation (1 is required):

1. Any of the 3 DM Client phone number fields can match the phone number on file with the client's bank.
2. The Client Email field matches the Email associated with their bank account.


3. The Client Name matches the name on the bank account with at least an 80% or higher partial match.


If your client is attempting to pay with the bank transfer option and receives an error (as shown below) that the identity does not match the information that the merchant (you) has on file.  This means that your Client does not have at least 1 of the 3 above pieces of information from their bank account matching in the Design Manager Client glossary.  Ask the client to provide one of the three factors from their bank account. Then edit your Client to include that information.  Once changed in DM, they can try the bank transfer again.