Aged Accounts Receivable Report

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The Aged Accounts Receivable Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Accounts Receivable folder.  This report provides a list of all Client Invoices in Design Manager that have not yet been paid in full by the Client.  In order for a Client Invoice to drop from the report, it must be either paid in full, credited, or adjusted so that the balance due on the Invoice equals zero.  Once a Client Invoice has been paid in full or otherwise closed, it will no longer appear on the Aged Accounts Receivable Aging report after the Fiscal Month in which it was closed.   If the report is printed for the current Fiscal Month, the Grand Total of the Total Due column should match the balance in the Accounts Receivable Account.


aged ar report window


The summary version lists one line for each Project with a balance due.  The detail version provides a detailed list of transactions for each Project.  You may also choose to print contact information on this report such as the Client contact names and phone numbers.


The Aged Accounts Receivable Report is retroactive, meaning it can be printed to show information as it existed in any prior Fiscal Month, as well as the current Fiscal Month.  The Aging Date will default to the current system date and determines how the transactions are arranged in the 0-30 Days, 31-60 Days, and Over 60 Days columns.  Ranges for Client, Project, and Manager/Salesperson are available to narrow the scope of the report.  Two versions of the Aged Accounts Receivable Report are available.  The Summary version lists one line for each Project with unpaid Client Invoices.  The Detail version provides a complete list of individual unpaid Client Invoices transactions for each Project and is the version selected by default.  Either version of the report can be selected to display the information either grouped by Client or Manager/Salesperson by using the appropriate choice on the Sort By selection.  Having the information grouped by Client is the default selection.  The Project contact information can also be optionally displayed on the report.