Bookings Report

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The Bookings Report is accessed from the Reports window, Project Management folder.  The report is designed to show current or future monies from Clients within a given date range.  The Bookings Reports shows all Deposits on Proposals received or Client Invoices created within the indicated period. Also shown are Quotes/Orders that have Deposit received (retainer) with Items created or Invoiced. An Item will only appear on the report once; either under the Client Deposits or Invoices section.


bookings report window


Two versions of the Bookings Report are available.  The Summary version lists one line for each Project displaying the total Deposits received and Client Invoices generated for the Project within the date range.  The Summary version is selected by default.  The Detail version provides a list of each Item on the Proposal or Client Invoice for the Deposit and Client Invoice entry, respectively.  An option to display the full description of the Items is available as well when printing the Detail version of the report.


Example of the Bookings Report - Summary Version:



Example of the Bookings Report - Detail Version: