Budget Report

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The Budget Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Project Management folder.  This report is designed to show the client the overall Project budget as well as the breakdown of the budget for each Location and Items within the project. It is perfect for the beginning stages of planning and budgeting for a project.


budget report window


Report Options:


Enter (Search for) a Project Code - allows for only one Project per report.


Choose to Show the Item Pictures or not


Layout layout button- see Arranging Items on Documents / Layout for more information.



Example of a Budget Report:


budget report example


Unallocated/Remaining Budget: refers to the remaining budget amount for the Location or Project.


To add a Project or Location Budget, see Project Window - Budgets Tab for more information.


An Item must have the Extended Budget field filled in in order for the report to list the Item and its budget.  The remaining budget for the items within a Location or Project will be included in the Unallocated/Remaining Budget section to show the amount that has yet to be allotted to a particular Location or Item within.


To remove the Ref # from printing on this report, see Company Advanced Options Window - Print Tab - Reference Number (Ref. No.).


Items that are marked complete, that have an Extended Budget entered, will appear on this report; while items made Inactive will not.