Checkbook Reconciliation History Window

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Clicking the History button on the Reconciliation Cash Window will display the Checkbook Reconciliation History Window.  This window will show each Reconciliation with the ending Bank Statement Date, Statement Ending Balance, date and time the reconciliation was completed in the Completed On column, and the Design Manager user that performed the reconciliation in the Completed By User column.


ckbk rec history window

Note:  Only Reconciliations done using Design Manager Pro7 or later will be shown.  Reconciliations done in previous versions of Design Manager cannot be displayed.


Any Reconciliation can be reprinted by highlighting it on the Checkbook Reconciliation History Gridand clicking the Reprint button.  The last completed Reconciliation on the grid can be deleted.  Deleting a Reconciliation should only be done if a mistake has been subsequently detected after the Reconciliation was completed.  When a Reconciliation is deleted, it will have to be performed again in its entirety.