Client Accounting Inquiry Report

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The Client Accounting Inquiry Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Project Management folder.  This report provides a detail list of accounting entries made to a Project including Retainers, Deposits, Client Invoices, and Payments.


client acct inq report window

Ranges for Client and Project Codes are available to narrow the scope of the report.  Entries are listed in Transaction Date order on the Client Accounting Inquiry report.  Columns for Transaction Date and Number, Entry Type (Deposit, Retainer, Client Invoice, Payment, or Invoice Adjustment), Proposal Number, Invoice Number, Check Number, and Payment Type are displayed along with three columns, Invoiced, Receipts, and Deposit, which represent the activity of the transaction.  The Invoiced column indicates the gross amount of the Client Invoice including Sales Tax.  The Receipts column displays the amount of the Deposit, Retainer, Payment, or Invoice Adjustment.  Lastly, the Deposit column represents the increase or decrease in the Client's available Deposit/Retainer balance due to the transaction.  Totals for the Project are listed at the bottom of the report for the Invoiced, Receipts, and Deposit columns.