Client Payment View

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When you send a Proposal or Invoice to your client  (via Review & Send) to be viewed or paid for online they will receive an email with a link to the documents sent. See below for an example of the email.






Your client will click on Link to view documents to see the proposal/invoice(s) sent by you.  Here they can view a PDF of the document(s).





If there are multiple documents, your client can tag the documents they wish to pay, then click Pay Total to pay online.

If your company takes credit cards or ACH payments (and you have a Design Manager approved processor connected) the client will be taken to the payment processors page, where they can enter their payment account information.  Click here to learn how to setup and select your payment options. NOTE: If you do not take credit card or ACH/bank transfer payment, the client will ONLY be able to select the Pay Method Check option and will see your company name & address for where to send their check to.


Client Makes Payment

On the processor's payment page your client will see the available payment options.





Client view when Credit Card is selected



Convenience Fee: This is the payment processor's fee that your company would incur for taking payment online.  When you select the option to Charge Fee to Client, this will appear on the client's payment window. They will see the total due including the fee.



Client view when Bank Transfer is selected



Your client will then select or search for their bank. And login using their normal bank online login credentials.





Client view when Check is selected





Payment is complete

After a payment has received successfully, Design Manager will process the transaction as a cash receipt. An email will be sent to the company admin or the email address in the Online Payment Settings window to alert you of the receipt. See example below.