Client Status Report

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The Client Status Report is accessed from the Reports Window - Project Management folder.  The Client Status Report is designed to be given to the Client as it shows the pertinent information of each Item in the specified Project including Estimated Pricing, Invoice status, Ordered Date information, etc.


client status report window2


This report requires a Client code to be entered and has ranges for Projects, Locations, Proposal and Invoice Numbers to narrow the scope of the report.


The Complete option can be used to filter the report to only display Items indicated as Completed or not Completed.  Listing all active Items in the Project is the default selection.

Calculation: This report offers the ability to calculate the pricing based on four different calculations.

Highest Value (Estimate or Actual) - pricing is based on the highest price recorded for the Item of Estimate or Actual
Estimate - pricing is based on the Estimated Price as entered into the Item - Total Estimated Price field.
Actual (Invoice) - pricing is based on the Actual Price Invoiced to the client.
Estimate if Actual Zero - pricing is based on the Actual (Invoiced price); when no Actual price is recorded, the Estimated Price will be used.


Show Details: Choosing Yes will show the Proposal and Invoice Numbers below their respective columns, as well as the Check Number information for the Deposit and Amount Paid columns.


Report Format - there are three formats of the Client Status Report available:


Detail by Location:  The default selection, the Detail by Location format lists each Item sorted and subtotaled by Location Code within a given Project.
Detail by Proposal/Location: The Detail by Proposal/Location format begins a new page for each Proposal within the Project then lists each Item sorted and subtotaled by Location Code within the Proposal.
Summary by Proposal/Location: The Summary by Proposal/Location format begins a new page for each Proposal and displays a single line per Location within the Proposal.


Show Full Description: This option allows you to decide to show only one line of the Item Description (No) or the full Item Description (Yes).


Show Items: Decide which Items to show - All Items, Items with Deposit Received only, Items Invoiced only, or Items with a Deposit Received or Invoiced.


Show Color Status: Choose Yes if you want the Item color-coded status to print below the Date Columns (the Show Details selection MUST also be set to Yes).


Item Status: Select to show ALL, or ONLY one of the Item color-coded Status choices listed in the Drop Down.


See Company Advanced Options Window - Print Tab for more information on the Status Dates that can be chosen to be printed on this report.



Example of a Client Status report:


client status - color status