Component Window - Schedule Tab

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The Design Manager To Do List Tasks and Appointments system allows you to create a To Do List Task that is associated with a particular Item, or an individual Component within an Item, for a given Project.  More commonly, the Task is associated with the Item as a whole since the Item is the end commodity to the Client.  However, if an Item is comprised of multiple Components from varying Vendors, a Task may pertain to a particular Component of the Item.  In such a case, the Schedule Tab of the Component Window allows the user to join a Task down to the Component level of the Specification rather than to the Item itself as described in Creating Specification-related Tasks below.


component - schedule window


The Component Tasks Grid lists all Tasks associated with the Component.  Tasks are created, changed, and removed using the Add, Edit, and Delete buttons, respectively.


For a full explanation of creating Tasks, Appointments, and Reminders see To Do List Tasks and Appointments under Additional Features.