Credit Card Purchases Report

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The Credit Card Purchases Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Accounts Payable folder and lists all Vendor Payables posted for a designated fiscal period that have paid using one of the Credit Card Accounts configured in Design Manager.


cc purchases report window


The Credit Card Purchases Report requires a fiscal period to be entered.  By default, purchases  paid with any Credit Card Account will be displayed but only purchases for a particular Credit Card Account can be reviewed by selecting the desired Account on the Credit Card Account menu.Information on the report includes the Transaction Number, Date, and Description, Payee, Fiscal Month, Purchase Order Number, Vendor Invoice Number, General Ledger Account Number and Name, and the Amount of the Payable.  Ranges for Vendor and Project Codes are available to optionally narrow the scope of the report.  Two Purchases Journal Summaries will appear at the end of the report.  The Account Summary lists the net Credit or Debit balance for each Account affected in the fiscal period.  The Sales Category Summary displays the costs of the purchases by Component Type for each Sales Category utilized over the fiscal period.