Delivery / Shipping Report

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The Delivery / Shipping Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Project Management, Order Tracking folder and is used to monitor the Delivery and Shipping status of an Item and its constituent Components.


deliv ship report window


The Delivery / Shipping Report will display Specifications based upon one of the four selections in the Show Items / Components (Comps.):


Received, not Delivered:  Specifications where the Component has a Received Date recorded but the Item has not yet been included on a Delivery Ticket.
Delivered, not Shipped:  Specifications where the Item's Delivered Quantity does not equal the Shipped Quantity.
Delivered, not Invoiced:  Specifications where the Item has been included on a Delivery Ticket but not invoiced to the Client.
Not Delivered:  Specifications where the Item has not been included on a Delivery Ticket.


Ranges for Received Dates and Delivered Dates along with Clients, Projects, and Vendors can be used to narrow the scope of the report.  The Vendor contact information, Status / Notes of the Component, or the full Component and Item Descriptions can also be optionally displayed.