Employee / Manager / Salesperson Window - Info Tab

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The Info Tab is the first tab on the Employee / Manager / Salesperson Window.  Here Employee contact and time billing rates, and payroll information may be entered.  Employee entries are used to enter time billing to clients or payroll checks to the company staff with the optional Accounting module.  To add an entry, fill in the required information for the Employee.  To edit an entry, type the new information into the appropriate field.  To change an Employee Code, you must delete the entire Employee and add a new entry.


employee - employee tab


Code: Enter the Employee Code here.  This code may be up to 5 letters or numbers.  It is recommended that the Code be the first five characters of the Employee’s last name.


Name: Enter the Employee’s Name in this field.  Up to 40 characters can be used.


Sort: The sort selection allows you to decide the alphabetical "order" in which you want to display the Employee Name on the glossary and certain reports.  "Company" will display the name exactly as it appears in the Name field.  For instance, if the Employee name is "General Contractor", the Company selection will display the Name exactly as "General Contractor".  When "Name" is selected, Design Manager will attempt to reconfigure the Name with the surname of the individual before the first name.  In this case, if the Employee Name is "John Smith", the Name will be displayed as "Smith, John". "Manual" allows to configure the sort order of the Name in any manner you wish.


Address: Enter the Employee's mailing address, including City, State and Zip code.


Phone: Enter the Employee’s main phone number in this field.  Additional phone numbers can be entered into the Notes Tab, if necessary.


SSN: The Employee's Social Security number can be recorded here.


PO Designer/Ext: Enter the Employee's name and phone extension here for it to appear on Purchase Orders.


Email: Enter the email address of the Employee into this field.


Website: If desired, the website of the Employee may be entered in this field.  The website may be up to 50 characters.


Phone 2 and 3 fields

Description (Desc.): This field can contain a name or phrase that describes the telephone number immediately to the right (ex. "cell number", or the name of another contact at the Vendor).  This field can be up to 30 characters.


Phone No:  Type the telephone number of the alternate name/description listed to the left of this field.


Inactive: If an Employee has accounting activity, but you no longer wish to use the Employee, you can mark the Employee Inactive.  When this option is selected, the Employee will not appear in the Employee / Manager / Salesperson Glossary or certain reports.  To make an Employee active, click the Show Inactive option on the Employee / Manager / Salesperson Glossary Window, edit the Employee, and unselect the Inactive option.