Vendor Invoices

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All payables due Vendors will be entered through the Vendor Deposits, Invoices, and Operating Expenses Window which is accessed by selecting Accounting - Bills & Invoices (Vendor Deposits, Invoices, Expenses).


The Vendor Deposits, Invoices, and Operating Expenses Window is divided into two tabs: New and Existing.  The New Tab is used to record any new payables due by the company including Deposits on Project and Inventory Purchase Orders, Vendor Invoices on those Purchase Orders, Operating Expenses, and Payroll Entries.  The New Tab is also used to revise or delete payables prior to the entries being posted.  The Existing Tab allows the user to review, revise, and void previously posted payables.



The selections for Vendor Invoices are as follows:


Vendor Invoice for Project Purchase Order
Vendor Invoice for an Inventory Purchase Order
Operating Expense or Miscellaneous Bills
Recurring Operating Expenses or Bills
Payroll Entries