Export Glossaries & Grid Information

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Information from the following grids can be exported to an Excel (xlsx) or CSV (Comma-separated value) file by right-clicking anywhere on the grid and choosing Export (Mac users - use Option-Click to right-click).   You can then manipulate or formulate the list however you wish from there.


The Project Specifications window, Specification Search, and Inventory Stock Item Glossary will also include an option to export the picture connected to their items.  A separate folder for pictures will be added to the same directory where you save your export list. Inside the file you will see a column for Image URL. This will include a link to the picture stored within that picture's folder.


*NOTE: Large amounts of pictures may increase the time of the export substantially.




project grid export


Specifications - Item View tab

specification grid export


Proposal and Documents

proposals and documents window-export 


Purchase and Work Orders

purchase and work orders window - export



All Glossaries: Accounts, Clients, Catalog, Employees, Groups, Locations, Inventory Stock Item, Remarks, Sales Categories, Sales Tax Codes, Ship To Codes, Specification Templates, Time Activities, Vendors, and Warehouse/Showrooms.



Example of the Specifications grid exported: