Import Data (Time)

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To watch a Webinar on Importing a Time file, go here:


After selecting the file in which to import the Time Entry data from, you will need to tell the system which fields the Source Fields match to as the DM (Destination) Fields. If you are using the Excel Time Sheet, the mapping will occur automatically.


Each file you use may show different Source Fields; however, the DM (Destination) Fields will always be the same. Highlight the Source Field that matches the DM Field and select the Link button. Do this for each Source Field that will link to a DM (Destination) Field.


In the Example below we have imported a csv file from a mobile app named "Hours Tracker".  This app is not affiliated with Design Manager, but comes highly recommended.  You can find this in the app store of your mobile device.



Below we have added Time Entries into the Hours Tracker app and then used their Export function to email a csv file to ourselves.  Using this file, we can import the time into Design Manager.


***Be sure to be careful that you type the same information into the app as is seen in Design Manager.  This will help to link the proper information to the right project, employee, activity, etc.


For the Hours Tracker app, we suggest you use the following:


Job - This should either be the exact matching Project Code or Project Name as is entered into Design Manager.
Clocked In - This should be linked to the Start Date and Time of the DM Fields
Clocked Out - Link this to the End Date and Time of the DM Fields
Duration - Links to DM Field for Hours
Hourly Rate - DM Field link is the Rate per Hour
Comment - This field was used to enter in the Activity Code from Design Manager. You could, instead, use this as the Description field. Then you can add the activity code once the import has been brought into the Time Entry Import window.
Tags - We created a new tag inside the Hours Tracker app for Employee and will use this tag as the Employee Code in Design Manager.


We will not use any of the other fields that the Hours Tracker app includes as they do not link to any fields in Design Manager.


Once you have linked your Source Field to the Proper DM (Destination) Field, you will then select OK.


Import data -time windowHTrackerAppLink


The Design Manager Time Import Entry window will show the imported entries. Entries that are complete and ready to be recorded, will be marked as "Import". Entries that are missing information, will be set as "Fix". Areas to correct will be highlighted.


time import window_afterHoursTrackerImported


Highlight any entry and Edit the entry to make the necessary changes marked in Red. Or select the Fix Entries option and enter the proper Employee, Project or Activity code.  Then select the Update update - data collection button to make the changes.


If you wish to remove certain entries, select the option under Remove Entries and then click the Remove remove button.


Once all entries are ready for Import, select the Record to Projects recordtoprojectsImport button.


For more help on this window, please see Time Entry Import.