Inventory Labels by Purchase Order Report

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The Inventory Labels by Purchase Order Report is accessed through the Reports Window,  Inventory, Labels folder and allows the user to print Inventory Stock Item tickets on Avery #5260 labels  or, if the Use Label Printer option on the Company Information Window - Inventory Tab is selected, the Zebra GC420d or LP2844 label printer for Inventory Stock Items included on a particular Inventory Purchase Order.


invent label by PO


The labels can be printed for ranges of Inventory Purchase Order Number and Inventory Purchase Order Dates.  One label is printed for each unit of every Inventory Stock Item included on the Inventory Purchase Order.  For example, if there are two Inventory Stock Items on a given Inventory Purchase Order and five units of each were ordered, ten labels would then be generated.  The Estimated Sell Price of the Inventory Stock Item can be optionally suppressed from printing by selecting No for the Show Sell Price option.  If the Use Label Printer option is not selected, when printing on a partially used label sheet, the Start on Row and Start on Column menus can be used to indicate to Design Manager where printing on the label sheet should begin.