Inventory Transaction Register Report

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The Inventory Transaction Register Report is accessed through the Reports Window, Inventory folder and is used to analyze Inventory Transactions chronologically.


invent tx report window


The report lists each Inventory Transaction in Transaction Date order and has columns for the Transaction Date, Inventory Stock Number, the Type of Inventory Transaction (i.e., Adjustment, Sale, Received, etc.), Warehouse Code, Inventory Purchase Order Number, Client Invoice or Accounts Payable Transaction Number, Project/Order Code, Reference Number, Vendor or Client Code, Total Cost Adjustment, and On Hand, On Order, Committed, and Paid For Quantity Adjustments.  The Total Cost column is totaled for the entire report.  Ranges for Inventory Stock Number, Transaction Date, and Vendor, Warehouse, and Project Codes are available to narrow the scope of the report.  The Show Revisions/Details option allows the user to selectively display any edits to various Inventory Transactions along with additional information including the Inventory Transaction Number, Keyed Date, User who recorded the Transaction, and the Transaction, Revision, and Cost Descriptions.  As the extra information lengthens the report, the Show Revisions/Details option is defaulted to No.  Various Types of Inventory Transactions can optionally be suppressed from the report for greater focus by using the Show Commits, Show Adjustments, Show Sales, etc. selections.  As the report is intended to display all Inventory Transactions, each of these options are defaulted to Yes.