Item Window - Workroom Tab

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The sixth tab on the Item Window is the Workroom Tab.  The Wookroom Tab is used to input information regarding the overall fabrication  of a product such as a window treatment.  All of the information entered on this tab will be displayed on the Work Order document.


item -wrk rm window


The Wookroom (Vendor) is used to designate the Vendor that will be receiving merchandise, often from other Vendors, in order to fabric the finished product for the Client.  The Ship Finished Product To field allows the user to enter a Ship To Code that informs the Workroom Vendor where to deliver the finished product upon its completion.  The Ship Finished Product To defaults to the Ship To Code on the Project Window - Info tab - Site/Shipping Information. Workroom Instructions can be entered which are intended to provide the Workroom Vendor with any necessary information regarding the assembly of the product as a whole.  Workroom Special Instructions can be entered on the Component Window - Special Instructions Tab for the individual Components that will comprise the finished product for an additional layer of communication to the Workroom Vendor.