New Delivery Ticket Window

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The first tab on the New Delivery Ticket Window is the Delivery Ticket Tab and is where Delivery Tickets for Projects are generated.  This tab shows all of the active Items in the Project (including those Completed, but excluding those already Delivered in full) that are available to be placed on a Delivery Ticket.  Once you have "tagged" or selected the Items you wish to schedule for delivery, you can print a copy of the Delivery Ticket.  If the information on the Delivery  Ticket appears to be correct, you can "Accept" the Delivery Ticket which will process the document into Design Manager.


new delivery tix window


If the Items are to be delivered to the Project Site Address, leave the Use Site Address option selected.  If they are to be sent to another location, unselect the Use Site Address option and input or use the Search button to locate the desired Ship To Code.  If the Use Site Address option is not selected, a Ship To Code must be entered.


Select the Pictures option to display the optional image from the Item Window - Picture Tab for each Item included on the Delivery Ticket.  Note that displaying the Item pictures generally increases the length of the Delivery Ticket.


Set Shipped Quantity (Qty.): Selecting this option will automatically set the Shipped Quantity for each Item included on the Delivery Ticket to the Delivery Quantity (New Ticket) value upon accepting the Delivery Ticket.  The Shipped Quantity and Delivery Quantity are discussed in greater detail below.


Delivery Ticket Grid:  This grid lists and displays information for each Item that can be included on a  Delivery Ticket for a Project.  Click on the Tag check box to select an Item for inclusion on the Delivery Ticket.  The Delivery Ticket Grid is sorted by Location code, followed by the Item reference number within a given Location.  Like many grids in Design Manager, you can change the sorting of the Delivery Ticket Grid by clicking the heading of the column by which you would like to sort.  Some columns, however, are unavailable for sorting.  Items that have been included on a prior Delivery Ticket or have an Item Quantity of zero will appear at the bottom of the Delivery Ticket Grid.


Tag: Click on this check box to "tag" an Item to include it on the Delivery Ticket.  To untag an Item, simply click on the check box a second time to remove the check mark.  You do not have to include all Items on a Delivery Ticket.  A Project can have many Delivery Tickets and an Item may have been included on multiple Delivery Tickets.


Previous Ticket:  If an Item has already been included on a Delivery Ticket, then the Number and Date of the last Delivery Ticket upon which the Item appeared on will be displayed.  You may include an already delivered Item on a new Delivery Ticket.  Items previously proposed will appear at the bottom of the Delivery Ticket Grid.


Location:  This column contains the Location Code and Name of the Item.


Group:  If the Item Groups option on the Company Advanced Options Window - General Tab is selected, the Item Group will be displayed.


Reference Number (Ref. No.):  This column contains the Design Manager Reference Number assigned to each Item and is useful for finding the Item on the Specifications Window.


Description:  This column contains the first few words of the Item’s Description.


Quantity (Qty.):  The Quantity of Item as entered on the Item Window - Item Tab.


Quantity Delivered (Qty. Delivered):  The sum of the Delivery Quantity for each Delivery Ticket upon which the Item was included.  The Quantity Delivered represents the total amount of the Item that has been scheduled for delivery.


Quantity Shipped (Qty. Shipped):  The Quantity Shipped represents the amount of the Quantity Delivered for the Item that has been successfully shipped to the destination.


Delivery Quantity (New Ticket):  The Quantity of Item that is scheduled for delivery during the current Delivery Ticket.


The quantities above are very important to the delivery and shipping process and warrant further explanation.  The Quantity is total amount of the Item and is entered by the user on the Item Window - Item Tab.  When first creating a Delivery Ticket for an Item, the Delivery Quantity, which is amount of the Item to be currently delivered, is defaulted to the Item Quantity.  If, for example, 2 out of 4 total chairs for the Item are now being delivered, click the Edit button to display the Edit Delivery /  Shipped Quantities Window to reduce the Delivery Quantity from 4 to 2.  Upon printing and accepting the Delivery Ticket, the Quantity Delivered for the Item would now be 2.  The Quantity Shipped for the Item gets recorded in one of two ways.  First, by selecting the Set Shipped Quantity option when creating a new Delivery Ticket, the Shipped Quantity will automatically be set to the Delivery Quantity upon accepting the Delivery Ticket.  Continuing our example, if the Set Shipped Quantity was selected, the Shipped Quantity would be set to 2 upon creating the Delivery Ticket.  This method is useful if you are already aware that all the Items scheduled for delivery will arrive successfully to their destination.  The other manner in which the Shipped Quantity can get recorded is by editing an existing Delivery Ticket on the Delivery Tickets Window, selecting the desired Item on the Delivery Ticket Grid on the Edit Delivery Ticket Window, and clicking the Edit button to display the Edit Delivery / Shipped Quantities Window where the Shipped Quantity can be manually input.  The second method is desirable if a delivery/shipping manager will receive the Delivery Ticket back from the delivery department or company indicating which Items were actually successfully shipped.  The delivery/shipping manager then records the information manually.  Regardless of the method used to record the Shipped Quantity, once an Item has been fully shipped to the destination the Shipped Quantity, Delivered Quantity, and Item Quantity should all be equal!


Remarks:  Any Remarks, notes, or instructions can be included on the Delivery Ticket by entering the necessary information on the Remarks Tab.


Tag:  Click on this button to open the Tag Items for a Delivery Ticket Window.  This window contains several options for Item "tagging" or selecting groups of Items to be included on a Delivery Ticket.  You may also tag individual Items by clicking on each Item’s Tag check box on the Delivery Ticket Grid.  See the Tag Items for a Delivery Ticket Window for more information.


Edit:  Click the Edit button to change the Delivery Quantity (New Ticket) value on the Edit Delivery /

Shipped Quantities Window as described above.  The Delivery Quantity will need to be adjusted if the amount of the Item currently being delivered is not the total Item Quantity.


Printing Delivery Tickets:

After tagging the desired Items, click on the OK button to print the Delivery Ticket.  Make sure that you have the Printer selection on the Printer Button Bar set to the desired printer.  For more information on printing options, see Printer Button Bar.  Whether printing the Delivery Ticket to the monitor or directly to the printer, you will need to either accept or reject the Proposal after printing and reviewing it.


Accepting and Rejecting Proposals:

After printing a Delivery Ticket, Design Manager will ask "Would you like to accept or reject this Delivery Ticket?".  Be sure to thoroughly review the Delivery Ticket before clicking the Accept button.  If you find any errors on the Delivery Ticket, click the Reject button and correct those errors.  You can then generate and print the Delivery Ticket again.