Open Purchase Orders Report

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The Open Purchase Orders Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Project Management, Order Tracking folder and provides a list of all Purchase Orders in the Design Manager that are currently "open".  Purchase Orders are "closed" according to the PO Closed By selection on the Company Advanced Options Window - Purchase Orders Tab.  For more information, see the Company Advanced Options Window – Purchase Orders Tab under Additional Features.  A Purchase Order can be closed by a user with the Close Purchase Order Manually option on the Purchase Order Status Window.


open po report window


The Open Purchase Orders Report can be printed for ranges of Ordered Dates, Clients, Projects, and Vendors.  Both a Summary and Detail version of the report are available and both versions can have the Purchase Orders grouped by either Vendor or Project depending on the Sort By selection.  The Summary version displays the Purchase Order Number, Ordered Date, Ship By Date, Acknowledgement Date and Number along with financial information regarding the Purchase Order which bear further explanation:


Estimated Cost:  The sum of the Estimated Cost of each Component included on the Purchase Order
Actual Deposit:  The sum of all Vendor Deposit recorded against the Purchase Order.
Gross Invoice Amount:  The sum of all Vendor Invoices recorded for the Purchase Order.
Balance:  The Estimated Cost less the Gross Invoice Amount.


The Detail version lists all Components included on the Purchase Orders and includes all the information on the Summary version as well as the Component Reference Number, Quantity, Description, Sidemark, CFA Date, Expected Ship Date, Received Date, and Received and Back-ordered Quantities.  Much of this information on both versions of the report is derived from the information entered on the Purchase Order Status Window and Edit Order Status Window.


The Show Subtotals option allows totals for the Vendor or Project to be suppressed which can reduce the length of the report.  The Vendor or Project contact information, Status / Notes of the Component, or the full Component Description for each Component, on the Detail version only, can also be optionally displayed.