Override Invoice Price Window

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The Override Invoice Price Window is accessed on the New Invoice Window – Invoice Tab.  By selecting an Item and clicking on the Override button, you can change the Invoice Price, Quantity, Taxable Amounts, and Deposit to Apply for the Item.


override invoice price window


Here are some examples of when to override the price:

You are only invoicing for a portion of the Item such as when some quantity of the Item is back-ordered.
You have invoiced for the merchandise of the Item but now want to bill the Client for additional charges such as freight and shipping.
You want to round the Invoice Price to an even amount for the Item.


Note: If feel the Invoice Price is incorrect, you should edit the Item on the Specifications Window to correct the price and not override the price to compensate!


The amount of Deposit that Item will use on the Invoice can also be changed on the Override Invoice Price Window using the Deposit to Apply field.  Again, an instance that the Deposit may need to be altered is if a portion of the Item is back-ordered and the Deposit should be reduced to reflect only the portion of the Item that is to be invoiced.


The prices of the Item will be shown on the right side of the window.  Check the Override box by clicking on it to change the Quantity to Invoice, Price to Invoice, Taxable Amounts, and Deposit to Apply.  You will only be able to change the prices for Component Types that have an amount displayed.  You will not be able to override any Types that do not have a corresponding Component defined in Specifications. For example, if the Freight Type is disabled, you must go back to the  Specifications Window and input a Freight Component for the Item.  Sales tax will be calculated automatically based on the new Taxable Amounts and the Taxable settings for the respective Item.  Please note that is very uncommon that the Taxable Amount does not match the Price to Invoice for taxable Items!  Further, Design Manager will not allow the user to change the Deposit to Apply to an amount greater than the total available Deposit for the Item.  An Item's available Deposit can be reviewed in several places including the Deposit Analysis Report and the Proposal Status Window.


When creating a Invoice for a partially received Item, it may be convenient to use the Recalculate button.  When the Quantity to Invoice has changed, the Recalculate button will become enabled.  Clicking the Recalculate button will automatically change the Price to Invoice, Taxable Amounts, and Deposit to Apply to be the proportional amount for the new Quantity to Invoice saving the trouble of manually calculating those figures.


After making the desired changes to the Item for invoicing, click the OK button.  The changes will be reflected on the Client Invoice Items Grid on the New Invoice Window.


Override:  Select this option if you need to make Invoice Price, Quantity, Taxable Amount, and/or Deposit to Apply changes for the Item to be invoiced.  Upon clicking the Override option, the Quantity to Invoice and appropriate Price to Invoice, Taxable Amount, and Deposit to Apply fields will be enabled.  Again, you can only change the invoice price for a particular Component Type if the Item has a Component with that Type defined.


Quantity to Invoice:  You can change the invoice quantity of the Item.  This is useful if you are only invoicing the Client for a portion of the merchandise at this time.


Price to Invoice:  You can adjust the invoice price for each available Component Type as necessary.


Taxable Amount:  The Taxable Amount is the portion of the price that should be taxed by Design Manager.  When changing the Price to Invoice, the Taxable Amount is automatically set to the same value but can be set independently as well.


Deposit to Apply:  The Deposit to Apply is the amount of Deposit to be applied  to the Item on the Invoice.  When creating a new Client Invoice, the Deposit to Apply will default to the current total Deposit available for the Item.  Again, the Deposit to Apply can be changed but can never exceed the Deposit available amount. Note:  When the Item is in Override mode, the Deposit to Apply will be fixed to the amount entered by the user regardless of other changes to the total Deposit available for the Item such as additional Deposit being recorded or manipulations to the Deposit Received amount through the Proposal Status Window.


The following information is for reference only and is not editable:


Item Quantity:  The Quantity of the Item as recorded on the Item Window - Item Tab.


Quantity Invoiced to Date (Quantity Inv. to Date):  The total quantity of the Item that has previously been invoiced to the Client.


Estimated Cost (Est. Cost):  The Total Estimated Cost of the Item for each Component Type as recorded on the Component Window - Component Tab.


Estimated Price (Est. Price):  The Total Estimated Price of the Item for each Component Type as recorded on the Component Window - Component Tab.


Actual Cost (Act. Cost):  The Actual Cost of the Item for each Component Type from previously recorded Vendor Invoices.


Invoiced To Date (Inv. to Date):  The total amount previously invoiced to the Client for each Component Type of the Item.