PO/WO Conditions and the Company Information - PO/WO Tab

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The Company Information Window - PO/WO Tab is used to enter the Project Purchase Order Conditions, Default Purchase/Work Order E-mail Message, and the Purchase/Work Order Fax Cover Page Remarks.


company info - po_wo


The Conditions are remarks, comments, or terms that will be displayed at the bottom of all Project Purchase Orders.


The Default PO/WO E-mail Message will be displayed in the Message portion of E-mail window used to transmit a reprinted Purchase or Work Order, but, of course, can be edited as necessary.


The PO/WO Fax Cover Page Remarks will be displayed on the cover page of each Purchase/Work Order transmitted via the PO/WO Faxing system.  Batch e-mailing and faxing of Purchase and Work Orders will be discussed in full below.


Internet Fax Service Email Domain: To use Batch PO faxing, the user/computer must have access to an Internet Faxing service such as efax, myfax, or metrofax that supports fax via email.

To set up faxing, specify the Internet Fax Service Email Domain including the @ symbol.

For example, if you have metrofax then you will type @metrofax.com into the field.