Point of Sale Invoice Item Window

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The cursor will be flashing in a box at the top titled "Scan/Enter Stock No".  If you are using a bar code scanner you may begin scanning the items now.  The items will appear in the list below as they are being scanned.  Depending upon the scanner being used, you may need to press the enter key on the keyboard or click the Enter button at the top of the window after each item is scanned.  If you do not have a scanner, you may simply key in the stock number of the item being purchased and then press the enter key or click the Enter button.  Review the list on the window after all of the items have been entered.  If you see an item that requires changing, simply highlight that item and click the Edit button on the right side of the window.  You may also delete items using the Delete button if they have been entered accidentally, and you may add items to the list using the Add button if you so desire.

pos invoice - item window-example

On the Items tab there a few additional functions that can be used.  The first is for gift certificates or client credits.  If the customer has a store credit or gift certificate it will appear in the upper right of the window.  Click the “Use” button to apply the credit to this invoice.  For more information see Gift Certificates and Store Credits.

There is also a history view pos search history button button next to grid to view recent purchases that the customer has made.  Click this button to bring up the POS item history window for the customer.  Any item can be highlighted and brought back into the item list for the invoice that is being generated. See Point of Sale Item History Window for more information.

pos scanner button The final function is a button with the picture with a barcode.  This will only be visible if the optional data collection module has been purchase for Design Manager.  This allows you to enter a batch of items scanned using a portable data collection device.  For more information see the Data Collection System.

When all of the items have been entered, click the Next button in the lower right portion of the window to move on to payment information.  The new tab titled Totals/Payment will appear.