Project Advanced Options Window

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Clicking on the Advanced / Markup Button on the Project Window - Defaults Tab will open the Project Advanced Options Window.  This window is divided into six tabs: General, Proposal, Invoice, PO/WO, Time, and Showroom.  The Showroom tab will only be available if you have purchased the optional Showroom module.  Here many Project defaults can be set for accounting, printing documents, as well as Project settings for markup, discount, tax, etc.  Once these defaults are set for a Project, they will apply to each new Item, Component, Proposal, etc. created in the Project.  Defaults can be overridden as desired on the applicable window.


When adding a new Project, the default settings on the Company Advanced Options Window will be used.  After the Project has been created, the default settings entered on this Project Advanced Options Window will be used for each new Item within the Project.