Project Advanced Options Window - PO/WO Tab

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The fourth tab on the Project Advanced Options Window is the PO Tab.  Here default information can be entered for how Purchase Orders will print.  There are also a few options that control the behavior of purchased merchandise.


project - advanced- po_wo tab


PO Title: If you would like the title that prints at the top of the Purchase Order to be anything other than "Purchase Order", you may enter that title in this field.  The Title has no effect upon the title of the Work Order.


Title:  The titles for the Freight, Design Fee, Installation and Labor Component types can be changed.  The new titles entered here will only appear on the printed Purchase/Work Orders.


Style:  There are three styles from which to choose for each Component Type:


List:  Shows the amount for this Component Type below the merchandise in the body of the Order.  The title is not used for this option on the Purchase/Work Order because the Component description is being displayed.
Total:  Prints the total amount for all Components for the corresponding Component Type in the footer of the Purchase/Work Order.  For example, if you create a PO for two Component Type that each have $50.00 Freight, the computer will display "Freight    $50.00" in the total section of the Order.  
Ignore:  Will not show or include the amount of this Component Type anywhere on the Purchase/Work Order.


Fax Prefix:  This field is used to hold a string of numbers that is dialed prior to any telephone numbers when using the Faxing and Batch Emailing of Purchase Orders system.  The Fax Prefix is used to dial a billing code for the Project should the company phone system possess such a feature.  Using the telephone system utilities, all the faxes sent for the Project can be determined in order to bill the Client for fax processing.


Single Item:  When this option is checked, one Purchase Order will print for each Component tagged on the New Purchase Order Window with a separate Purchase Order Number assigned to each Component.  This setting has no bearing on Work Orders.


“Agent For” Pos: This option places new Projects created into “Agent For” mode.  “Agent For” indicates that the Client pays the Vendor directly for the cost of merchandise and services order.  The Design Firm acts only as the purchasing agent for the Client and will charge the Client a Design Fee.  This setting has no bearing on Work Orders.


Show Email & Website: Check this option if you want the Company Email and Website to show in the header of the Project and Inventory Purchase Orders.  This setting has no bearing on Work Orders.


One Purchase Order Per Component: This option will eliminate the possibility of any Component appearing on more than one Purchase/Work Order.  Design Manager will prevent a Component from being selected for a Purchase/Work Order if it is already included on any other Purchase/Work Order.


Delivery Ticket Remarks: Type any remarks that you would like to appear on Project Delivery  Tickets into this field.  To search for commonly used remarks, click on the Search Button in the lower left corner of the window.  These remarks can be overridden for each Delivery Ticket created. For information on formatting the Remarks, see Description/Note Formatting.

*NOTE: Delivery Tickets already created before adding or changing the Project - Advanced - PO/WO  Delivery Ticket Remarks will not show the new Remarks, unless updated.