Project Cash Allocation Report

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The Project Cash Allocation Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Project Management folder. The report is designed to show the Estimated Cost and Price of an Item versus the cash received from the client and how much is allocated to the Vendor (current and future).


proj cash alloc report window



Example of the Project Cash Allocation Report - Items by Sales Category:

Project Cash Allocation Report example by sales cat




PO Cost:  The sum of the Estimated Costs of all Components for the Item as entered by the user on the Component Window - Component Tab.


Price:  The sum of the Estimated Sell Price of all Components for the Specification as entered on the Component  Window - Component Tab.  The total Estimated Price of the Item is displayed when the Item is including on a Proposal for the Client.  Using the example above, if the chair is estimated at $850.00 with a 30% Mark-Up Percentage, then the Estimated Sell Price would be $1105.00.


Sales Tax: The sum of the Estimated Sales Tax of all Components of the Item based on the Estimated Price and your Sales Tax code defaults for this project.



Cash Received*  (*This report does NOT include retainers that have not been applied to an Item, this unapplied retainer is still available for the Project as an overall)


Deposit: The amount of Deposit allocated to the Item.


Invoice Payments: The amount of Payments made on Invoices for the Item.


Total: Total Deposit and Payments for the Item.



Current Allocation


Paid Vendor: The total actual amount currently paid to the vendor - includes vendor deposit and vendor invoice payments (a payment must have been made against the A/P entry, the entry must no longer be in accounts payable).


Sales Tax: The total actual amount of sales tax on the Client Invoice.


Total: The Total current paid amount for the Item (Paid Vendor + Sales Tax).



Estimated Future Allocation


Paid Vendor: The total amount expected to be paid to the vendor for the Item. (Estimate - PO Cost column minus Current Allocation - Paid Vendor column)


Sales Tax: The total amount of Sales Tax expected to be paid for the Item. (Estimate - Sales Tax column minus the Current Allocation - Sales Tax column)


Total: The Total amount expected to be paid for the Item (Estimated Future Allocation - Paid Vendor + Sales Tax columns).



Cash +/- The difference of the Total Cash Received*, minus the Total Current Allocation and Estimated Future Allocation.  It will show you the current state you are in for the Item.  If you have received more from the client than you have paid or will pay out to the vendor, this will amount will appear as positive.  If you have not received as much from the client as you have paid or will pay out to the vendor, the amount will appear as a negative. (Cash Received - Total column minus Estimated Future Allocation - Total column).